201 Enola Road, Enola, PA 17025

Forty Kinds of Wings and Wicked Crab Cakes… Okay, I Can Die Now.

Nathan’s is, if nothing else, an unwind-ification expert—a curator of all that is fun, enjoyable, relaxing, and best of all, tasty. Actually, a curator of the aforementioned would be more like the mall food court (god forbid, right?). These guys are producers, baby. Bar food artists with mad experience in the biz, and the chops to keep countless (forty something at last count) flavors of wings rolling out in nasty volumes, consistently hot, consistently bangin’, and seriously… they remember how to make all those flavors? And that’s just the wings? Come on.

So yeah. Nate’s is pretty keen on the bar food scene. Sure, they probably have a microwave. Every kitchen does. But they sure ain’t the nuke-happy, food-as-an-afterthought, heat up some freezer aisle junk to appease these hungrily buzzed bar patrons –type folks. Oh. No. Nate’s is as much about the food as they are the drinks, namely wings and crabcakes, but also a whole lot of prime rib and clams and jack & coke pitchers and lord knows what else they can whip up (we do, we saw a menu… you’ll just have to find out).

Speakin’ of those crabcakes... we implore you, nay, beg you to try them. Get a bunch of those wings we were talkin’ about, savor them, and wash them down with a big fat crab cake. Your liquids can wait, there’s plenty of cocktails to go around—these bad boys.


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